Decra Stone Coated Metal

Are you looking for a sustainable and trusted name for modifying your roof into stone coated metal roof? If so, then you can totally rely on the well-known brand Decra which has been one of the preferred choices of many people. After successfully inventing the first and original stone coated roof in New Zealand, Decra has evolved in the best possible manner. With 4 leading manufacturing plants holding the ISO 9001 accreditation and serving over 80 countries, Decra is a worldwide famous name for providing the high-quality assistance for a stone coated metal roof.

Specification of the stone coated steel roof:

For making its product of high-quality, Decra leaves no spaces and works in the best possible manner. The Decra roofing in India also takes care of the specifications of their products that they are providing to their customers. Here are the following specifications that you can expect to get from this brand:
1. Clear acrylic over glaze: This helps in the binding of the chip and providing a semi-glossy finish to the roof.
2. Base coat: 100% acrylic resin material used for flexible and hard opaque coating for ensuring the maximum stability, protection, and binding of the chip.
3. Roof tiles: All the roof tiles used by the Decra brand has a strengthening and composite configuration.
4. Ceramic coated volcanic stone chips: The stone chips used in the roof are available in long-lasting colors and delivers excellent protection of the complete surface.
5. Micron acrylic resin: Green tinted coating of acrylic for providing maximum protection and uniformity.

With these specifications in the steel roof, Decra ensures the high-quality and better protection of all their offered steel roofs.

Why choose Decra?

It is important for any of the roof building company to have years of experience to understand what their customers expect. With their many years of experience in the industry, Decra has been one good name that delivers the exact product as expected by their customers. Further, they offer consistent and continuous support for all kinds of needs and requirements related to the steel roof of their customers.

Ashbury International is a distributor of Decra Metal Roofing Shingles in India.

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