GAF Residential Roofing

Make your home classy, yet strong

Simplicity is the required taste of modern lifestyle. It is well said that less is more. While walking through a well built house, what is the first thing you notice? It might be door, top or roof. But, the first thing that attracts more is the roof. If you are thinking to revamp your house from inside to outside, then you must take care that you opt for stone coated roof or metal roofing to prevent it from the hard weather conditions.

The experts say that GAF Residential Roofing is the best from others. The reason could be rugged design and dependable performance that can only be seen in this roofing system. Rated as number #1, the roofing shingles make a perfect roof deck on your house. Remember that if your roof deck is not strong enough, it could not be possible to install the roofing shingles on them. Our state-of-art infrastructure allows us to import the quality roofing shingles. The protection offered by GAF residential roofing is nothing like else as it is tough, flexible and offer resistance against wind, weather and fire.

Have you ever thought, how it would be like when your guests enter your home and notice the damaged and decay roof? It is quite embarrassing. The water proof shingles help you in avoiding these kinds of situations. Though the other metal roof gets decayed because of water or snow, the offered range has the property to resist all of them and emerge out as a winner. Tough to the core and designed while keeping you in mind; Ashbury International brings a wide range of shingles for every home. The advantage of using this range is that the high-strength fiberglass is present at the heart of the system and the modern technology makes it stronger and reliable.

GAF is well appreciated among the clients for offering a shield on top of the protection. This somehow makes it different from others. Some of the hardest minerals used in its making are ideal for providing protection against UV damage. Thus, it is highly appraised for defending the vivid colours from fading. The right combination of weight, performance and design, make them available in numerous options. Whatever style or pattern you choose; the installation of this roofing shingle brings peace of mind and seals your house against severe conditions and offer safety against decay and harm.

Buy GAF Residential Roofing for your home and install to impress others. Ashbury International is importer of GAF roofing shingles in India.

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