IKO Dynasty Roofing Shingles

IKO roofing shingles offer everything that makes your home worth coveted. The collections of spectacular colours are blended together to make the roofing atheistically beautiful. Dynasty Roofing Shingles from Ashbury International provides the customers with quality roofing shingles with tear-resistant reinforcing tape.

Ashbury International Importer of IKO roofing shingles in India blends the colour of elegance and enhance the look and curb of home style. From the rustic brown traditional look to the urban modern classic range, we have a great collection of roofing shingles that complements the architecture of your home.

Even if you live in storm-prone areas, you can completely trust IKO Roofing Shingles.

The core strength of our roofing shingles are:

  • Exceptional bonding
  • Exceptional core strength
  • Built-in algae resistance
  • The armour zone for better flexibility

The best features of IKO Roofing Shingles are:

  • Copper-coated granule into IKO Dynasty shingles to help inhibit the growth of blue-green algae that can cause unattractive black stains, streaks and discolouration.
  • Prevent wind-driven thunderstorm from getting under the shingle. When activated by the sun’s heat, the strips get extra-tacky and create a strong bond to ensure maximum protection against heavy wind blow and water pressure.
  • There is a 1 1/4” wide nailing surface that aids roofers to place their nails accurately for improved fastening strength and speedier installation.
  • Shielded top and bottom with weathering asphalt, then surfaced with protective coloured granule. It is heavy-duty for exceptionally durable and structural integrity.

Why choose Roofing Shingles from Ashbury International?

Dynasty Roofing Shingles from Ashbury International has the premium quality finesse that protects you from inclement weather. Moreover, the curb appeal boosts the visual aesthetic and increase the strength of the roof. Apart from its high-quality weatherproof shield, it also offers a greater exposure to give the home a dramatic look.

With its core nailing surface, it becomes a tear-resistant band and more fastening strength. IKO Roofing Shingles comes in a variety of colours and design:

  • Appalachian
  • Atlantic blue
  • Biscayne
  • Brownstone
  • Castle grey
  • Cornerstone WWD
  • Driftshake
  • Emerald Green
  • Frost one Grey
  • Glacier
  • Granite Black
  • Monaco Red
  • Pacific Rim
  • Sedona
  • Shadow Brown
  • Sentinel Slate

A perfect home is not about glamour. It’s the strength to make our home feel safe. The collections of oversized shingles are heavy-duty and protect as a stand guard and defense against all climatic hazards. IKO Dynasty shingles are designed to resist high winds and feature a limited wind resistance warranty of 130 mph.

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