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Things to know about DECRA Stone coated metal roofing shingles Part 1

What matters the most when it comes to choosing the best roofing material? The most important thing people consider is longevity and aesthetics. Stone-coated roofing serves both needs. Stone-coated roofing serves the visual appeal of tiles; shingles cater to durability and are suitable for versatile home styling.

Besides other roofing materials, asphalt or composite is a great choice. However, it needs to be changed every 10 to 20 years. In contrast, stone-coated shingles offer a lifetime guarantee and are transferable from generation to generation. Even though it is more expensive than any traditional roofing material, you won’t have to doubt its longevity and minimum maintenance charge.

Take a look at the highlights of DECRA Stone Coated metal roofing shingles:

  • DECRA’s stone-coated steel roofing provides a warranty up to 2.5-inch diameter hail
  • This metal roofing shingles can tolerate winds up to 170 mph; making it a perfect choice for cyclone-prone areas
  • It is beneficial for earthquake-prone zones, too for its interlocking patterns
  • This product is suitable for extreme climatic areas where the roof panels would not crack, warp, curl, or split.
  • It is also a perfect choice for commercial zones with its effective UV reflective that sends back the heat, making the atmosphere suited for temperate and tropical climate.
  • In spite of strength and durability, the shingles are 50% lighter than any conventional asphalt. Therefore, you can save the cost of additional structural reinforcement.
  • The best part of this steel roofing is they are 100% recyclable, thus, environment-friendly.
  • There is hardly any maintenance cost to protect this roof in proper shape. You can clear the debris once a year to host a clear roof.

Stone-coated metal roofing is available in 24 or 26 gauge rolled sheets with a rust preventing coating, with the final touch of a thick stone layer. The final layer sticks to the metal surface, which hints at a thick stone layer that offers a better finesse than a conventional metallic exterior.

If you still need more reasons to replace your roof with DECRA Stone Coated metal roofing shingles keep reading the next part.

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