Why Choose Decra Roofing Shingles

It would be best if you chose DECRA stone coated metal roofing shingles because it has to its reputation to be one of the most durable shingles available in the industry.

When you are building a house, it is an extremely a great moment. You have worked hard all your life to make yourself a perfect home. An ideal home is incomplete without the ideal roof. Roofing plays a significant part in the structure of the building. It safeguards you from sun and rain. It makes the house the shelter we escape to. You would not want any leaks in the roof.

DECRA stone coated metal roofing shingles provides outstanding roofing solutions. DECRA manufactures the original metal roof in the United States. What makes these roofs outstanding is that they are metal roofs that are coated with stones. Due to this factor, no traditional roofing can match up to its quality. Neither can any imitation metal roofs will prove to be as good. DECRA stone coats its steel roofs, which makes its very strong and durable. To add to this, DECCRA offers the best industry-standard warranty on all its products.

DECRA’s innovation does not solely lie in its products. The excellence covers its entire operations. It follows a firm policy to oversee the quality of the product is outstanding, and the roof is the most durable. The products are elegant to match the sophistication of your house.

Good for all temperatures

Many worry about metal roofing getting too hot in summer and too cold during winters. With the roofing solution of DECRA, you do not face any such problems. The technicians at DECRA understand this situation. There is ample open airspace left in between the decking of the roof and the panels. This air space, which is left open, acts as perfect insulation and does not allow any cold or heat to pass directly to your attic. This technique additionally helps the consumers by reducing the cost of energy.

Is metal roof dangerous if lightning strikes?

DECRA metal roofs are not dangerous during the weather when lightning strikes. DECRA metal roofs are a good conductor of electricity and also made out of noncombustible materials. Moreover, the elements that DECRA roofs are coated with on the surface do not attract lightning. This further ensures that you do not need to purchase an additional lightning rod.

Is DECRA roofing an expensive affair?

DECRA roof is actually inexpensive for the value you get. DECRA roofs have the long life expectancy to up to 50 years. Roofs of other companies do not last as long, thus making you go through the process all over again and at additional costs, whereas a DECRA roof can last for a lifetime. The steel that is used by DECRA has been created with the perfect combination of zinc-aluminum alloy. This improves the roof’s ability to withstand the harsh conditions of the weather. It also resists corrosion to enhance its life further.

Key highlights

  • Can withstand hail. Has been certified with an impact resistance of class 4
  • Can withstand high winds
  • Is fire-resistant
  • Does not thaw or freeze during cold weathers
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