Decra Roofing Solution

As Decra metal roofing is one of the most durable roofing systems in the industry, people have started choosing Decra roofing shingles in India because they provide a leak proof solution, and give out a good aesthetic look to the Indian rooms.

Benefits of using Decra Roofing Shingles in India

  • As there is a high amount of acid rain in India, Decra stone-coated steel roof tile will provide you with excellent corrosion resistance features, as those tiles are made up of aluminum-zinc coated steel.
  • It comes with a thick coat of acrylic basecoat, ceramic coated volcanic stone chips, and acrylic overglaze to provide a quality weather coating in any house in India.
  • It will give out 100% clear acrylic resin coating for chip binding and a semi-gloss finish on the rooftop. These are best for the houses present in a cold state of India.
  • Decra roofing solutions provide various roofing designs like corona shake, senator shingle, milano, heritage, and classic.

Why choose Decra?

  • As Decra is an attractive and sensible choice as a roofing solution, it has received ISO 9001 accreditations, which means that they reassure the customers that their products are manufactured and designed to maintain high-quality standards.
  • Decra roofing system utilizes unique horizontal fastening techniques that will withstand a wind uplift force up to 120 mph of wind speed. It will also prevent break-ins from the rooftop, which is why Decra roofing shingles in India have a lot of customer inquiries for installation.
  • Decra steel products are recyclable after the end of their peak performing life. It won’t be equated to any future raw production but will be useful for making new products.
  • Our class A rated material is fire resistant and can resist the class 4 hail impact.
  • As there is no airspace between the roof deck and the Decra roof panel, there is no chance that your roof is getting hotter in the summer. The airspace acts as an insulator, preventing solar heat from passing through a roof and into your home. This insulating area will assist in reducing ice dam formation in the winter, leading to roof leaks. This feature encourages you to use it in India for both the summer and winter seasons.
  • It is equipped with an extremely lightweight roofing system, that is about 1/7 the weight of traditional roof tiles.


Decra’s uniquely designed roof profiles will easily mix well with any of the designer themes. It exerts less pressure on the supporting structure keeping it safe and inexpensive. As India has a lower rate of economy, it would be beneficial for the rooftop solution providers to use Decra roofing shingles in India, as they would provide a guarantee for the next two decades, and will save a lot of money for the house owners.

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